ICOs operation

The most feasible and favored idea will be actualized through a project that we will operate. A team for performing the project will be gathered from approved freelancers. ​As soon as a fully functional team is set, the project will be transferred to that team. An asset, a token or a coin will be built, developed to be the cored fund for the idea-based project.​ ICOBID PLATFORM plays the role of an escrow for ICO crowdfunding. The funds will be allocated by an appropriate way which benefits for the authors of the idea, ICOBID holders who votes for the idea, idea - based project team and project supporters. Fund collected from the ICO will be divided into some categories: 10% for the idea author, 10% divided to all of voters proportional to their votes, 1% divided to all of idea authors that are not chosen for a voting round, 2% spent for adding ICO token to exchanges, 2% for supporters and bounties campaign, 75% for the team who executes the idea actualization after ICO following a certain roadmap. 
The method of funded distribution above is just assumed. We will adjust the fund sharing based on the characteristics of each project.

The value of ICOBID
Anyone who wants to submit an idea for voting has to spend a fixed number of ICOBID. The weight of voting is equivalent to the ICOBID balance. The demand of buying ICOBID for submitting ideas and raising the voting weight is the major momentum in maintaining and increasing ICOBID's value.
Each time an idea - based project is born, ICOBID value will be significantly booted.

Any freelancer who has skills suitable for executing the idea based projects will have opportunities to be selected through a bidding process.


ICOBID exchanging will be done inside the ICOBID platform. Any asset, token or cryptocoin that is derived from an idea - based project and used for ICOs will be listed for exchanging right after completing the ICO-Crowdfunding.  Exchanging between ICOBID and other cryptocurrencies is also an important platform's element.



Mankind's ability to have ideas, and process them by coming up with solutions or actions, is what makes us separate from the rest of creation. Ideas give us innovations in science. Ideas give us the impetus to make the world better for everyone. Ideas give us the power and the means to overcome difficulty. Ideas give us the reason to take action against injustice. Ideas enable us to create-all art and music and poetry comes from ideas. In short, ideas shape us and our world [Charlotte Lang].

Understand the the urgent demand of inventors not only on business but also on every field or aspect of life to selling their great ideas for cash; Catch the most effective and fastest way in bringing great ideas to build a more beautiful life and Adopt the well-developed blockchain technology, we develope the ICOBID platform to be a popularized and famous place for any individual to easily submit their own valuable ideas and receive worthy payment by a scientific method. 
ICOBID platform once becomes a reality will be a reliable source for great ideas hunters, a precious address for inventors and a fertile land for freelancers.

Ideas voting

          Submitting ideas

          If you want to publish your idea you have to spend a fixed number of ICOBID

          Publishing an idea to voting page is as easy as writing a blog post.

           We have detail regulations on ideas submission considering the law of idea copyright protection.

   Voting Page