The development of cryptocurrency, the ease of virtual money transaction recent years lead to the outbreak of crowdfunding activities of many blockchain based projects through initial coin offering – ICO. Within the last 6 months, there’re more crowdfunding activities than any other eras in history. ICO has been proved to be the most effective method for crowdfunding. A decentralized crowdfunding campaign that takes Bitcoin payments can reach a global audience. Bitcoin is a tax-free currency. Bitcoin, which has been approved in a number of nations, is also being traded by a large number of people all over the world. People trade with ease using new crypto robots such as Bitcoin code, which promise large investment returns. Visit to know more details. Many projects such as DAO, Lisk, Waves, Icomoni… became the most funded crowdfunding projects through ICO. The promise of attractive roadmaps, investors’ expectation about high profit is the momentum and the origin of those successes. With the growing use of Bitcoins and trade volume, the prospects for crowdfunding have grown. Learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrency effectively to improve your digital money transactions and earnings .  
     ICOBID platform which utilizes the advantage and effectiveness of ICO and blockchain technology in crowdfunding, is built for the actualization of many great ideas in all areas of life that will never come true if they aren’t fully funded. ICOBID platform is the place where innovative and creative ideas are promoted by a decentralized and competitive voting method. The most feasible and favored ideas will be operated and developed until achieving the ultimate result basing on ICO funds.  



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